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Welcome to the website of the Remote Pilots’ Association of New Zealand.  Welcome to you, remote pilots and creators of all stripes and abilities, whether commercial or recreational.  Welcome to those curious about remotely piloted aircraft, wondering about what is allowed, or interested in engaging in discussion around the rules surrounding RPAS.  We’re building an association to represent the interests of all remote pilots, to serve the entire sector of remote piloted aircraft and their operators.  We are also currently seeking out other societies representing more specialised subsets of the sector to work and harmonise with, in order not to duplicate efforts, however we see the need for an umbrella organisation to ensure all pilots feel welcome and to act in concert with these more specialised societies to be a unified voice to the public and regulators.

We’re seeking comments on the most urgent areas for representation, along with societies willing to join forces with us in unifying all pilots operating under CAA regulations part 101 and 102.  We need a strong voice to be heard, and to allay public fears and suspicions about the use of RPAS.

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